Equipment Loan

The Social Sciences Media Lab supports students, faculty, and staff within the Division of Social Sciences. Social Sciences includes Argroecology, Anthropology, Colleges Nine and Ten, Community Studies, Economics, Education, Environmental Studies, Latin American and Latino Studies, Legal Studies, Politics, Psychology, and Sociology.

Services offered include:

  • Technical Consultation & Support
  • Equipment Training
  • Video Production & Post-Production Services
  • Equipment Loans
  • Darkroom Facilities
  • Duplication Services
  • Web Consultation

The Media Lab offers labs and workshops in video production, basic photography, and audio.

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To use the Media Lab's facilities you must:

  • Be doing a project for credit in a Social Sciences course, Independent Study, or Senior Thesis
  • Fill out a production application and get your sponsoring faculty members' signature on the application. Faculty must also send an e-mail confirmation to for all video gear and advanced audio equipment. Faculty are encouraged to send us entire class lists if the class is required or has the option of a media component.
  • Get trained on the equipment you will be using. Media Lab staff will provide a brief training during checkout for simpler equipment. To do a video project, students must either take a lab or workshop, or demonstrate experience. The Social Sciences Media Lab does not have the staff to provide individual video production training. Once you have completed one of our labs or workshops, you can check out the equipment you have been trained on in conjunction with your approved project.

Equipment Priority Policy

The Media Lab has a limited amount of equipment. Our equipment loan priorities are as follows:

  • Students working on projects for a Social Sciences course, independent study, field study, or Senior thesis.
  • Faculty working on Social Sciences course related work.
  • Faculty working on internally funded research projects.
  • Faculty working on externally funded research projects (all faculty using equipment or facilities for externally funded work WILL BE CHARGED STANDARD MEDIA LAB RENTAL RATES).
  • Students, faculty, or staff using equipment on a paid rental basis.

Editing Policy

In addition to meeting our other use requirements, to edit at the Media Lab you must have either taken a lab or workshop, or be able to demonstrate previous experience by showing a staff member a resume' tape before you can reserve edit time. All students who wish to edit must produce a script and get it approved by a staff member.

Media Lab Facilities

The Media Lab, located in room 47 Social Sciences II, has video cameras & decks, 35mm still cameras, portable audio cassette decks, portable mini disc recorders, microphones, slide projectors, Super 8 and 16 mm film projectors, 35mm-still copy stands, slide & negative scanners, VHS editing suites with a character generator, non-linear editing facility for both video and audio, a black & white darkroom, a 4-track audio recorder, and viewing facilities for videotape and film.

If you are interested in making use of Media Lab services, or would like more information, you can call us at (831) 459-4010, e-mail the Media Lab, or stop by room 47 Social Sciences II and speak to Kevin Hoshiko.

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