Field Studies Programs and Internships in the Social Sciences

Internships and field studies offer students opportunities to utilize classroom learning to develop real-world, hands-on skills and expertise.

Detailed information can found on department and program websites:

Anthropology internships, field study projects, study abroad programs or independent research enable students to put their ethnographic, archaeological, and physical anthropology skills to work. Read More >

Field study opportunities are available for students to earn academic credit while working in the local community or elsewhere that will provided them with a practical context in which you can apply and integrate your course material. Read More >

Environmental Studies
Students can intern for a variety of local, state, national and international organizations. These organizations and businesses include educational, agricultural, non-profit, for-profit, government and non-government internship positions. Read More >

Global Information Internship Program
A highly innovative, student-managed program that deploys the tools of information-communication technology (ICT) and social entrepreneurship (SE)  to advance social justice, sustainable practices and progressive institutional change at the global and local levels. Read More >

Latin American and Latino Studies
Explore three distinct and non-overlapping ways to undertake independent study, which refers to scholarly work that does not occur in the standard classroom environment. Read More >

Politics and Legal Studies
Student interns gain valuable experience and prove to themselves and potential employers that they can survive in the professional workplace. Read More >

Students gain hands-on reflective experience imperative for graduate study, future careers and a deeper understanding of the complexities of psychology. Read More >

Sociology students interested can participate in unique opportunities to go further in their academic studies and apply theory to practice in various positions. Read More >

Program supervises and supports students who pursue internships and academic study in the nation’s capital and is open through a competitive application process to juniors and seniors (occasionally sophomores) in all majors. Read More >