Academic Programs

The Division of Social Sciences curriculum ranges from global issues to issues of culture and power, including social and economic relations between the U.S. and other nations, the social impacts of technological and environmental change, sustainability of human and ecological systems, and human development and social justice.

The division offers eight doctoral programs, two masters and twelve bachelors degrees. The nationally-respected doctoral programs are in Anthropology, Economics, Education, Environmental Studies, Politics, Psychology and Sociology. These departments also support excellent undergraduate programs within these disciplines. A new innovative doctoral program was launched in 2014 in Latin American and Latino Studies. At the Masters level, the division offers degrees in Education and Applied Economics and Finance.

Equally significant, the division offers ten combined majors that bring together the various strengths of the division in new dynamic ways. These degrees bring together Latin American and Latino Studies with Economics, Sociology, and Politics respectively; and Environmental Studies with Biology or Economics, as well as Economics and Math.

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