Social Sciences Facilities

Social Sciences Facilities Management & Operations

The UCSC Social Sciences Division Facilities and Space Planning Team manages a number of Campus and off-Campus facilities 

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Laura Ciravolo
Director of Research Facilities and Operations

Patrick Hipolito
Facility Manager

Instructions & resources on this page:

Space Portfolio | Submitting a Work Order | Space Planning & New Projects | Telephone & Network Services | Available Conference Rooms | Computer Equipment | Disaster Preparedness | Ergonomic Workstation Evaluations | Furniture Purchasing| Inventorial Equipment | Moving Services

Social Sciences Space Portfolio

The UCSC Social Sciences Division is home to a wide variety of research facilities, many of which attract competitive federal funding. See the space portfolio below.

See below the facilities managed by the Social Sciences Facilities Team

Building Name Assigned Space Department Research Center
Social Sciences 1 All Floors Anthropology Global and Community Health
Thimann Laboratories Second Floor - Room 210 Anthropology Ancient DNA Lab
Westside Research Park Building C - Room C114 Monterey Bay Archeological Archive
Humanities & Social Sciences  Second and Third Floor (portion)
Fourth Floor
Dean's Office and Administration
Engineering Building 2 Fourth Floor Economics
McHenry Library Ground, First, portions of Second and Third Floor Education
Nat Sci 2 Main Building Fourth Floor Environmental Studies Center for Integrated Spatial Research (CISR) 
Interdisciplinary Sciences  Fourth Floor
Merrill College Library - Casa Latina Second Floor Dolores Huerta Research Center for Americas
Crown College Classroom  Room 205 and 206 Latin American Latinos Studies
Crown College Faculty Wing Mainly Second Floor Politics - Latin American Latinos Studies
Merrill College Academic Building  All floors
Merrill College Faculty Office Annex First Floor Politics
Social Sciences 2 All Floors Psychology Institute for Social Transformation, Blum Center, Everett Program
Oakes College Academic  Second and Third Floor (portion) Sociology Science & Justice Research Center
Rachel Carson College Academic  First and second floor

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General Information

Work Orders

Instructions for submitting a work order for Campus custodial, painting, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, lock shop, signs, pest control, and grounds.

The Physical Plant is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and operation of buildings, facilities, and utility systems for all components of the University of California, Santa Cruz. Please call (831) 459-4444 or email to report any structural building problems.

For urgent, Work Orders for custodial, painting, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, lock shop, signs, pest control, and grounds matters, please email or call the Work Order desk (831) 459-4444.

For non-urgent requests, please submit a request to to initiate a work order for any non-structural items (i.e. painting, changing locks, or pest control).

The request needs to include the following:

  • Contact name and phone number
  • Department
  • Description of the problem or issue
  • Building name and number
  • Room number
  • FOAPAL (only required when the request is over and above standard building maintenance)

Space planning & new project initiation 

The Director of Research facilities will start the initiation of new projects and space requests. Please contact if you need support.

Physical Planning, Development and Operations provides support to start any facility or infrastructure-related improvement project and space support.

Telephone and Network (Ethernet) Services

Information on any new installs, moves, disconnects, and billing matters associated with the telephones or network services.

The Telecommunications Department provides telephone service for the campus, including regular monthly services, instruments, voicemail, calling cards, and web billings. The Facilities Team office initiates activations, moves and disconnects of Ethernet service based on the division’s computing support staff recommendations. Please coordinate any telephone and/or network service requests through your department manager or Social Sciences Computing Office. Submit a telephone request form to initiate any work.

The telephone request form needs to include the following:

  • Contact name
  • Description of the issue (i.e. move, install, disconnect, bridge)
  • Name and e-mail associated with extension
  • Extension
  • Monthly FOAPAL, one time FOAPAL
  • Type of phone (analog digital)
  • Type of service (long distance, local, campus only)
  • Voicemail activation

The data request form needs to include the following:

  • Contact name
  • Contact number
  • Description of the issue (i.e. activate, change FOAPAL, deactivate)
  • Building name and number
  • Room number
  • Jack number
  • FOAPAL or authorization from computer support representative for division FOAPAL

Available Conference Rooms

Eugene and Bessie Walsh Conference Room
261 Social Sciences 1
Maximum capacity: 40
Square footage: 702 sq. ft.
Features: Projector, large chalkboard
Contact: Fred Deakin (831) 459-2615

265 Social Sciences 2
Maximum capacity: 20
Square footage: 473 sq. ft.
Contact: Allison Land, Psychology Department (831) 459-4932

Dean's Office Conference Room
450 Humanities and Social Sciences Building (H2)
Maximum capacity: 30
Square footage: 450 sq. ft.
Features: Zoom Room, Projector screen, white board, analog phone, and possible use/reservation of data projector and polycom conference phone
Contact: Dean's Office, (831) 459-2919

Computer Equipment

Disaster Preparedness

  • Departments’ Emergency Action Plans can be found in the table listed below.
  • More information can be found by visiting UCSC’s Emergency Planning and Responses website.
Building Name
McHenry Library
Education EAP
Merrill College Library - Casa Latina
Politics-LALS EAP
Crown College Classroom 
Crown College Faculty Wing
Merrill College Academic Building 
Merrill College Faculty Office Annex
Nat Sci 2 Main Building
Environmental Studies EAP
Interdisciplinary Sciences 
Oakes College Academic 
Sociology EAP
Rachel Carson College Academic 
Social Sciences 1
Anthropology EAP
Social Sciences 2
Psychology EAP
Humanities & Social Sciences 
Dean’s Office EAP
Engineering Building 2
Economics EAP
Westside Research Park
Thimann Laboratories

Ergonomic Workstation Evaluations

  • The first step is to conduct a self-assessment and checklist. After you have completed the self-assessment, consider the recommendations outlined on the self-assessment form. If you need assistance with completing the self-assessment or have specific questions about your ergonomic assessment, please contact Facilities Team at

  • The second step is to Request a Workstation Evaluation. The Workstation Evaluations are typically conducted by the division’s Ergonomic Assessor and can be done in-person or remotely by Zoom. Please contact the Facilities Team at to schedule an appointment. 
  • Feel free to explore the UCSC Ergonomics website and go through the full process.

  • The Injury and Illness Prevention Program also helps to provide a safe and healthful workplace for employees.

Furniture Purchasing

  • UCSC purchases Steelcase furniture. Instructions for purchasing new and used furniture.
  • Campus requires that new furniture be purchased according to current vendor contracts. As part of our contract with our major furniture supplier, Steelcase, they can provide furniture specialists who will design custom office or laboratory layouts for a fee. If you need specific furniture, please contact Facilities Team at

Inventorial Equipment

  • Includes any equipment valued over $5,000.

  • The Facilities Coordinator acts as equipment custodian for the division’s inventorial equipment. Equipment Administration assigns property numbers to inventorial equipment and requires that the division tracks and disposes of their inventorial equipment according to their procedures.

Moving Services

    • Facilities team provides in depth assistance for planning your office or laboratory move. Both on and off campus movers are utilized to ensure that the move is completed safely and efficiently. The Facilities team also assists with space planning and provides detailed floor plans. Please contact