Outstanding Staff Recognition Award

2017 Award recipient Martha Brown receiving award from Dean Katharyne Mitchell and Politics Chair Dean Mathiowetz

This award recognizes outstanding service to both the division and the university.

The winner will be honored publicly, and receive a plaque and a cash award at the division's annual fall breakfast event.

Submit a nomination

Staff, faculty, and students in the Social Sciences are encouraged to nominate a staff member in the Division office or in one of the Departments or Colleges of the Division.

The following criteria will be used by the committee when evaluating candidates:

  • Breadth of nominations. Emphasis will be given to candidates who receive nominations from a variety of people with whom they work (from their supervisor, from their peers, and from their “customers” who might be students and/or faculty depending on the staff position), instead of the total number of nominations.
  • Quality of service. The quality of service as described in the nominations.
  • Degree of impact. The impact the candidate has had on the successful operation of the division/department/university as described in the nominations.
  • Years of service. While the award does not necessarily go to a person simply because they have served at UCSC a long time, years of service will be a consideration among the others outlined above.

To be eligible, the staff member must:

  • be appointed in a non-academic, career staff position in Social Sciences at the time of nomination
  • be employed by UCSC prior to May 1 of the nomination year
  • have received, at least, a satisfactory performance evaluation during the previous fiscal year
  • not have received a formal corrective action during the previous fiscal year
  • be employed in a non-academic, career staff position in the Division of Social Sciences at the time of the distribution of the award

Nominations for 2017-2018 will be accepted until Friday, May 25th, 2018.

Please contact Executive Assistant to the Dean Pam Dewey with related questions or concerns.

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