Social Sciences Finance

The Finance team manages funds for the departments, centers, faculty, and division. We guide budget development and monitoring, financial planning and forecasting, and optimization of resources, as well as support business practices including purchasing, travel, and entertainment.  

The Research Administration team provides post-award support for grants, contracts, gifts, and other faculty research funding, working hand-in-hand with Finance. For research administration-specific information, like PI assignments, PI responsibilities, and related resources, please visit the Research Administration page.

Elisabeth Willoughby

Assistant Dean for Planning and Finance
(831) 459-4134,

David Aaron Silva-Espinoza

Financial Analyst

In UCSC financial processes there is always an Authorizer and an Approver. They have different titles in each system, but they function the same. An Authorizer is the person who reviews a transaction to ensure it has been authorized and that the document is accurate and consistent with University policies. An Approver is the person who owns and agrees to the commitment of funds. 

Role Signer
Initiator/Requestor CruzBuy: Anyone with CruzBuy Requestor access who initiates a requisition
Direct Payment Form: Anyone with an authorized Payee Setup 204 Form requesting a payment on behalf of themselves, others, or to a vendor
ProCard: Cardholder
(“Tier 1”)
Faculty accounts: Principal Investigator
Department accounts: Department Manager
Division accounts: Divisional Financial Analyst
(“Tier 2”)
Up to $2,500/$500 for Food and Entertainment
Faculty accounts: Research Analyst
Department Accounts: Department Manager
Division Accounts: Divisional Financial Analyst
Above $2,500/$500 for Food and Entertainment
All Accounts: Divisional Financial Analyst

Purchasing: | FAST: | ProCard Admin:

Financial Affairs includes a number of guides, forms, and other resources on their procurement website.  Please contact David Silva-Espinoza with any questions.

Financial Affairs has great resources on how to go about organizing your travel. Visit their resource section for more information: Travel Process – Before, During, After.  Please submit your Direct Pay forms and original itemized receipts to your Research Analyst or Division Financial Analyst.

Booking a flight Per-diem in place of reimbursement of receipts Reimbursement forms
UC has a booking process.  Connexxus is the preferred choice to book air travel.  Business Travel Accident insurance is automatically applied, and support is available for travelers 24/7.  In many cases, per–diem rates may be allowed instead of reimbursement by itemized receipts.  The amounts and required documentation vary by location and duration of stay.   Payee Setup 204 for reimbursement (this is not the same as the direct deposit information set up at hire), a Travel Advance Request if cash will be needed to bill UCSC directly for advances, and the Post-Travel Expense form is used to identify necessary reimbursement.

Entertainment and events involve several people in approving and certifying the validity of the event and having it reimbursed.  Please submit your Top-Level Pre-Approval and/or Entertainment Reimbursement (ERF) forms and original itemized receipts to your Research Analyst or Division Financial Analyst.

Entertainment authorization matrix

Event Type Host* Event Order Approver (EOA) Event Expense Certifier (EEC) Top Level pre-approval
Department Department meetings, year begin/end events, retirements, faculty and grad recruitments, other department events Recruitment committee chair, faculty grad coordinator, other faculty Department Manager Up to $500:
Department Manager
Over $500: Division Financial Analyst
Research Units Seminars, conferences, lectures, events Principal investigator, other faculty Program Manager

Principal Investigator
Research Analyst Dean
Division Dean/development events, external reviews, anything that falls outside of departments or research units Dean Staff, development director/assistant director, Academic Program Coordinator, Assistant Dean Assistant Dean of Planning and Finance Division Financial Analyst Dean

*Signatures are always required from the EOA, EEC, and Top Level when applicable.  Signature of the Host may be required depending on the event type.

“Top Level” approval must be received at least three business days in advance of the event.  Request approval via an e-mail to the Dean, copying the Assistant Dean of Planning and Finance) in the following cases:

  • Alcohol will be served or consumed (includes donated alcohol)
  • Meals will be provided to a spouse, domestic partner, or family member of business attendee.
  • The per-person campus meal limit, found at Entertainment Event Expense Guide, will be exceeded
  • The event is an employee morale-building activity, including retirement and recognition receptions.
  • Cash contributions are included in the cost of the event.
  • Tickets will be provided to prospective donors, employees, or student appointees in connection with an entertainment event.

Entertainment Reporting Forms (ERF) must be completed for:

  • All reimbursements for meals or light refreshments.
  • All campus dining services (excludes Campus Catering)
    • Exception: If payments are only made with a CruzBuy PO only, no ERF is required.
    • Login to Financial Affairs Dashboard to create an ERF

Expense Tracking Number must be used for multiple expenses tied to a single event:

  • An Expense Tracking Number is ONLY needed when there are multiple CruzBuy requisitions or when requisitions are combined with other reimbursements or recharges for a meal or an event where meals are served. This number is cross-referenced on each of the transactions to track the per-person meal expense.
  • Allowable Expense Tracking Number options can be found at: Entertainment At A Glance

Additional Information on Alcohol

  • All University-sponsored events held on or off campus require the Dean’s prior approval to serve alcoholic beverages. Obtain this approval at least three business days in advance by e-mailing the Dean, copying the Assistant Dean of Planning and Finance.
  • Pre-approval must be obtained for all events where alcohol may be served or consumed, even if no University funds will be covering the cost of the alcohol. This includes the possible purchase of alcohol by attendees at a restaurant during a University-sponsored event but does not apply to individual entertainment-related alcohol purchases.
  • A signed copy of Alcohol Appendix A of EVC001, the “Best Practices for Serving Alcoholic Beverages Free of Charge at UCSC Sponsored Events,” must be on file in the Dean’s Office for all hosts of UCSC sponsored events in which alcohol will be served free of charge. The form must be updated annually, but is good for all occurrences within one year. Send the signed original form to the Social Sciences Dean’s Office.
  • Campus Police must be notified at when there are 50 or more invited participants for all events held on campus where alcohol will be served.
  • When alcohol is not requested for reimbursement, the costs omitted must include tax and gratuity pertaining to the alcohol. Use the Alcohol Expense Worksheet to calculate this amount and include it with the reimbursement request.
  • Corkage is considered alcohol and requires the Dean’s approval.
  • Note that neither 19900 nor 20086 funds may be used to purchase alcohol.  Federal funds may not be used unless explicitly stated.
  • See the Campus Alcoholic Beverage Policy for UCSC Sponsored Events.