Social Sciences Grants and Contracts Support Center

Find information about grant funding services offered, resources for graduate students and first-time grant seekers, training and workshop updates, and staff who can assist you. Also, you can request a grant proposal review and locate funding agencies and opportunities.

Please contact Ashlee Tews if you are searching for something specific and cannot locate it here.

Research Development Assistance 

Ashlee Tews, the Director of Research Development, in the Social Sciences Grants and Contracts Support Center is available to assist faculty, staff, and graduate students in researching and applying for extramural support. The following services are provided:

  • Quarterly formal training workshops on grant research and grant writing
  • Technical assistance on identifying possible funders and grant opportunities
  • Starting the internal process
  • Creating draft budgets
  • Guidelines for proposal writing
  • Reviewing and editing of grant applications
  • Grant compilation assistance, obtaining letters of support, coordination with Office of Special Projects (OSP), etc.

Request for Grant Proposal Review

If you are a UCSC Social Sciences faculty or staff member and would like to request a proposal review for clarity, presentation, adherence to the guidelines, and professional presentation, please furnish the following information by e-mail to Ashlee Tews, Government Grants Coordinator. Please provide proposal draft at least five business days before the application deadline

  • Name
  • Department
  • Telephone
  • E-mail address
  • Funding agency
  • Title and number of program
  • Application deadline

Internal Process for Submitting External Grants/Fellowships

Step 1:  Contact the appropriate UCSC units

Notify the following to let them know that you intend to apply for extramural funding.
• Social Sciences Grants and Contracts Support Center (SSGCSC), Ashlee Tews,, Director of Research Development
• Office of Sponsored Projects, Social Sciences, Valerie Klem,, and Suzanne Ziegler

Provide the following to Ashlee Tews:
• The deadline to submit the application
• The agency guidelines for the application or include a link to them
• The award website
• Budget summary – a wish list of what you will need to complete the project.

Step 2: Develop the budget and proposal with the Social Sciences Grants and Contracts Support Center (SSGCSC)

SSGCSC will help you develop the proposal and budget. Send Ashlee Tews,, a draft budget at least 2 weeks prior to submission due date.  

Ashlee and OSP will develop an outline of the award proposal and budget using UCSC templates (datasheet) which will be used in step 3 to route to your department Chair and division Dean for approval.

OSP offers a PI handbook which is meant to provide a guide for meeting the audit requirements of various funding agencies and for avoiding administrative problems.

Step 3: Secure Divisional Approvals

OSP will send your department Chair, and division Finance Director the items created in step 2: OSP data sheet and OSP budget.

The Department Chair, division Finance Director and division Dean will sign the documents which commits UCSC to the terms and agreements of the proposal.

Step 4: Submit the Proposal to the Granting Agency

OSP will submit your proposal on your behalf for Federal proposals and as requested for other submissions.  The PI submits proposals directly for some web-based grant proposal portals after OSP review.


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