Grants, Fellowships, and Contracts Support

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently awarded Stacy Philpott, associate professor in environmental studies, a grant to research sustainable agricultural practices in urban environments. Photo by Melissa De Witte.

The Social Sciences Division provides faculty and graduate students with information about grant funding services, resources for graduate students and first-time grant seekers, as well as training and workshop updates. Please contact Ashlee Tews if you are searching for something specific and cannot locate it on these pages.

Research Development Assistance 

Ashlee Tews, the director of Research Development in the Social Sciences Grants and Contracts Support Center is available to assist faculty, staff, and graduate students in researching and applying for extramural support. The following services are provided:

  • Quarterly formal training workshops on grant research and grant writing
  • Technical assistance on identifying possible funders and grant opportunities
  • Starting the internal university process
  • Creating draft budgets
  • Guidelines for proposal writing
  • Reviewing and editing of grant applications
  • Uploading documents to grant portals
  • Grant compilation assistance, obtaining letters of support, coordination with Office of Special Projects (OSP), etc.

Internal Process for Submitting External Grants/Fellowships

Step 1:  Contact the appropriate UCSC units

Notify the following to let them know that you intend to apply for extramural funding.
Social Sciences Grants and Contracts Support Center (SSGCSC), Ashlee Tews,, Director of Research Development

Provide the following to Ashlee Tews:

Internal OSP Deadlines:

Standard proposals:
  • Notify OSP and preliminary budget: 10 working days before the submission deadline. Ashlee will work with you to notify OSP, give you exact deadlines and prepare your preliminary budget.
  • Budget final: 5 working days before the submission deadline.
  • Final versions of supporting documents: 5 working days before the submission deadline.
  • Final technical documents and routing: 2 working days before the submission deadline.

Step 2: Start the internal process and the preliminary budget and proposal with the Social Sciences Grants and Contracts Support Center (SSGCSC)

SSGCSC will start the proposal for you in the internal Cayuse system and work with you to draft a preliminary budget. Once this is completed SSGCSC will notify OSP.

Step 3: Work with SSSGCSC to prepare your proposal

SSGCSC will provide the following proposal preparation services:
  • Outline and provide instructions for completing the complete grant/fellowship proposals.
  • Contact Program Officers for any proposal questions.
  • Start the proposal in the funder grant portals.
  • Edit documents for adherence to funder guidelines.
  • Upload proposals to the funder grant portals.

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