Social Sciences Research Administration

The Research Administration Team is responsible for budgetary and financial management for extramural grants, contracts, gifts, and university-generated research funds. This team provides post-award financial administration working closely with principal investigators and managing research funding to provide financial management, reporting, and oversight that supports the PI in focusing on the research aspects of a contract or grant while remaining in compliance. 

  • Establish financial reports to monitor award budgets.
  • Monitor the expenditure of funds to be consistent with the terms of the agreement and University policies.
  • Thoroughly understand and properly follow Cost Accounting Standards.
  • Ensuring the expenditure of funds is allowable, allocable and appropriate.
  • Determine method of purchase for project costs.
  • Monitor subcontracts.
  • Recording expenditures in the appropriate account in the month the expenditure occurs to enable accurate, current, and complete disclosure of financial results.
  • Preparation and submission in a timely manner of required interim and final fiscal reports, including cost sharing, if any.
  • Avoidance of cost overruns and unallowable cost-transfers.
  • Identification of the need for revised budgets and re-budget preparation.
  • Identification of the need for additional funds.
  • Ensure timely review of project costs and obtain PI approvals for expenditures

*adapted from the UCOP Contract and Grant Manual 6-430 Summary of Financial Management Duties

The Principal Investigator has primary responsibility for financial management and control of project funds in accordance with University and sponsor policies and procedures. This includes the scientific integrity and management of the sponsored project;

  • Financial management of project funds (see 6-440);
  • Adherence to all internal University policies; and
  • Adherence to externally imposed sponsor terms and conditions including reporting and record keeping requirements contained in the award document.

*adapted from the UCOP Contract and Grant Manual 10-330 Summary of Financial Management Duties

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The Social Sciences Research Administration PI Toolkit provides comprehensive guidance for principal investigators (PIs) on managing research finances and administrative tasks.