Staff Human Resources

Staff Human Resources Tean

Emily Johnson
Assistant Dean, Planning and Personnel
Phone: 831-459-2912
Schedule: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Hannah Hamilton
HR Analyst 
Schedule: Monday through Friday 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

The division will support stipends of 15% when an employee is covering the work of a vacated position.  The employee will qualify for a 15% stipend if the work is performed for a month or more.  This applies to any vacated position, regardless of classification.  For example:  a department manager covering the work for a vacated graduate advisor position — the department manager would qualify for a 15% stipend.  In the case where the workload of a vacated position is covered by two or more people – each person may qualify for a 10% stipend.

In situations where an employee has taken on additional duties, far outside their scope of work and not associated with a vacated position, the employee may qualify for a stipend of 5-10%.  To qualify for a stipend, additional duties would require a time commitment of a month or more.

The division will maintain a central fund of $3,000 per academic year to support professional development and training costs. The Dean’s Staff Development Program will contribute up to $300 of matching funds, per staff member, matching the department’s contribution. To apply for this support please submit the Professional Development form to Hannah Hamilton.

Use the Job Builder view and create position descriptions for represented and non-represented staff positions. To create a position, Divisional consultation and pre-approval is required. 

Job code lookup for more information and rates for UC job codes.

View information and rates for UC job codes You may also view the UCSC Staff Human Resources salary ranges.

Find more information on the Staff Human Resources website about the ePerformance platform for evaluations.

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