Azadeh Moaveni: Author, Time contributor

May 25, 2011

By Andrea Cohen 

Azadeh Moaveni

Iranian-American writer Azadeh Moaveni is the award-winning author of Lipstick Jihad and Honeymoon in Tehran, and co-author, with Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi, of Iran Awakening. She has lived and reported throughout the Middle East, and speaks both Farsi and Arabic fluently. As one of the few U.S. correspondents allowed to work continuously in Iran since 1999, she has reported widely on youth culture, women's rights, and Islamic reform for Time, the New York Times Book Review, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times. She is currently a Time magazine contributing writer on Iran and the Middle East.

1998 Oakes College, politics graduate Moaveni credits UCSC professors Edmund "Terry" Burke of history and Isebill "Ronnie" Gruhn of politics with training her to appreciate the importance of history behind current events; and she adds that writing instructor Conn Hallinan, her adviser at UCSC's City on a Hill Press, inspired her to practice "engaged journalism." Moaveni says she originally chose UCSC because, "I wanted to attend a UC with a democratic ethos that sought to replicate what was desirable in small, private colleges: intimate, rigorous learning that went on in a small room between a handful of people. Amazingly, that's exactly the experience I had."

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