Podcasts: Dean's Forum on the Economic Crisis

August 23, 2012


Debating the Social, Political, and Economic Impacts

I. Causes of the Economic Crisis (video)

Moderator: Kent Eaton (Politics)

Presenter: Michael Dooley (Economics)

Commentators: Ben Crow (Sociology), Ronnie Lipschutz (Politics), Nirvikar Singh (Economics)

II. Effects of Economic Crisis and Future Well Being of Society

Host: Carl Walsh (Economics)

Keynote speaker: Barry Eichengreen, (UC Berkeley, Economics)

III. Societal Impacts and Long Term Effects (video)

Moderator: Avril Thorne (Psychology)

Commentators: Barry Eichengreen (UC Berkeley, Economics), Eva Bertram (Politics), Heather Bullock (Psychology), Steven McKay (Sociology), Robert Meister (Social Sciences), Manuel Pastor (University of Southern California, American Studies and Ethnicity)


* This forum was part of the Bruce Initiative on Rethinking Capitalism. It was sponsored by the Division of Social Sciences, and co-sponsored by the Sury Initiative for Global Finance and International Risk Management (SIGFIRM). Social Sciences department Chairs Ben Crow (Sociology), Kent Eaton (Politics), Avril Thorne (Psychology), and Carl Walsh (Economics) helped organize this forum.

(Unless otherwise noted, Faculty listed are from UC Santa Cruz.)

economics forum group

Seated, left to right: Kent Eaton, Eileen Goodwin, Barry Eichengreen, Sheldon Kamieniecki, Avril Thorne, Bernard Elbaum
Standing, left to right: Thomas Wu, Danilyn Rutherford, Eva Bertram, Robert Meister, Heather Bullock, Manuel Pastor, Carl Walsh, Nirvikar Singh, Michael Dooley, Alec Webster, Ben Crow

(Photo by Andrea Cohen)

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