American Studies Association honors UCSC Professor Rosa-Linda Fregoso

October 31, 2014



Rosa-Linda Fregoso, Professor and former Chair of Latin American and Latino Studies, is the 2014 recipient of the Angela Y. Davis Award for Public Scholarship. Awarded by the American Studies Association (ASA), this prize recognizes scholars whose work contributes to the "public good."  It applauds research that informs the lay public and influences policies that address injustice and inequalities.   

“I’m extremely honored to receive this award. Angela Davis is an internationally renowned scholar and activist, whose work exemplifies the highest standard of excellence for its intellectual rigor, its engagement and commitment to social justice and struggles for freedom.” Fregoso shares.

Fregoso’s research intersects human rights, culture, and feminism.  Her work deals with “feminicide,” the murder of women because they are women. As co-editor of the seminal volume Terrorizing Women: Feminicide in the Americas, Fregoso calls attention to the alarming rise of hate crimes and violence towards women throughout Mexico and Latin American countries including Argentina, Costa Rica and Peru.

Specifically, Fregoso sheds light on how state officials and institutions fail to prosecute or even investigate these brutal acts of terror. If anything, they do the opposite and prevent any examination into the problem. Fregoso also points out that when journalists and activists do speak out, they risk becoming victims of violence and murder themselves.

Fregoso’s bold scholarship extends into legal advocacy and activism as she identifies calls to action to “unsilence” these terrorized women.  She seeks to promote social justice “by contributing to collective efforts/movements/politics that work to transform social inequalities and create a more just world.  I see my work as a modest contribution toward collective endeavors towards that aim.” Fregoso shares.

Professor Fregoso will be honored in November at the annual ASA award ceremony on November 22 in Los Angeles, California. Past recipients of the award include George Lipsitz, University of California, Santa Barbara and Ruth Wilson Gilmore, City University of New York Graduate Center.

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