In Their Words: Darshani Alahan

May 18, 2017

Name: Darshani Alahan

College: Cowell

Department: Sociology

What award/scholarship did you receive? Deans’ Award

What year do you expect to graduate (e.g. 2017)? Spring 2016

Where do you call home? Concord, CA

With all of the choices for college, what made UC Santa Cruz stand out? I could not pass up the beauty of the forest and view of the Ocean, along with the outstanding achievements of the University.

What is your field of focus? For my senior thesis, I mainly focused on sociological social psychology, studying a specific group of people and how they were raised, and how that affected them and their sense of self later in life.

What do you hope to do once you graduate from UC Santa Cruz? Since I was still writing my thesis almost up until the point I graduated last year, I had to wait until this year to submit it. At this point I am now working at UCSC as the Sociology Department Programs Coordinator! With the hope of continuing my education going to graduate school sometime in the future.

What is one memorable moment that stands out for you as a student here? Finally finishing that last paper, phew! Also, that since of accomplishment that I finally got myself through.

What is your one piece of advice for incoming students about life at UC Santa Cruz? Walk everywhere on campus! Before (well before) classes start, get lost in the forest, find you way out, know all the short cuts. Trust me, this will save you when you are trying to fly for class to class once the quarter starts. There’s nothing worse than see full bus after full bus pass you by when you are running late. Also, talk to everyone! Professors, TAs, classmates, advisors, staff... You will be surprised where the most help will come from when you need it.

How will this scholarship impact your academic life/research? It will allow me to boost my curriculum vitae, and try to entice other universities when I apply to graduate programs!