In Their Words: Stephanie Webb

June 07, 2017

Name:  Stephanie Webb

Department: Environmental Studies

What award/scholarship did you receive? David Gaines Award in Environmental Studies

What year are you (1st year, 3rd year)? Ph.D. student, 2nd year

College: Graduate Division

Where do you call home? Santa Cruz

With all of the choices for college, what made UC Santa Cruz stand out? Santa Cruz, the campus, and the food systems research from environmental studies.

What is your field of focus? Political ecology, commodity, and food studies.

What do you hope to do once you graduate from UC Santa Cruz? Research and development for seafood companies, consulting services for retail stores, and/or be an adjunct professor in environmental, coastal, marine or food studies.

What is one memorable moment that stands out for you as a student here? A fellow food researcher asking me if fishermen had a difficult time making money. I was absolutely surprised that food experts were unable to recognize that the challenges in terrestrial food transcend to aqua and marine based food systems.

How will this scholarship impact your academic life/research? It will provide the resources needed to refine and improve my dissertation and Ph.D. experience.