Department Research Centers


  • Archaeological Research Center (ARC)

    ARC serves as a center for interdisciplinary archaeological research on the UC Santa Cruz Campus, and a crucial link between UCSC and the broader local community. Read more >
  • Center for Emerging Worlds

    The Center for Emerging Worlds is a scholarly think tank. It strives to get behind the headlines on worldwide transformations, both contemporary and historical. Read more >

  • Education

  • The Center for Collaborative Research for an Equitable California (CCREC)

    CCREC is a University of California multicampus research program and initiative that links inter/trans-disciplinary university researchers, community-based organizations, and policymakers in Equity-Oriented Collaborative, Community-Based Research projects to achieve creative solutions to the interrelated challenges in the economy, education, employment, environment, food systems, housing, and public health. Read more >
  • The History & Civics Project at UC Santa Cruz

    High quality history and civics education is vital to building a more just society and preparing all students to be literate, knowledgeable, and engaged citizens. As a new regional site for the California History-Social Science Project (CHSSP)The History & Civics Project at UC Santa Cruz will provide programs, support, resources, and technical assistance to educators, schools, and districts. Read more >

  • Environmental Studies

  • Center for Integrated Water Research (CIWR)

    CIWR at UC Santa Cruz undertakes research to help provide society with safe and reliable supplies of fresh water. Read more >
  • Center for Tropical Research in Ecology, Agriculture, and Development (CenTREAD)

    CenTREAD fosters the interdisciplinary research and training needed to understand tropical environmental issues and develop ecologically-based, economically viable, culturally respectful, non-exploitative solutions that serve as a foundation for future generations. Read more >
  • Kenneth S. Norris Center for Natural History

    The Kenneth S. Norris Center for Natural History supports natural history educational and research opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and the greater Santa Cruz community. Read more >
  • Santa Cruz Puma Project

    The Santa Cruz Puma Project is a partnership between UC Santa Cruz and the California Department of Fish and Game. Read more >

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