2014 Program & Speakers


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    Jennifer Wolch, Professor of Urban Planning, Geography and Dean of the UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design

    Trained in anthropology, geography, and urban planning, she has conducted research on urban poverty and homelessness; sustainable urbanism; urban design, environmental justice and public health; and critical animal studies.

    Title of talk: Creative Pedagogy as Method in Social Science Research 

  • Opening Presentation

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    Carl Walsh, Distinguished Professor of Economics

    Walsh's research focuses on the design of optimal monetary policies and the role of unemployment in macroeconomic fluctuations.

    Title of Talk: The Great Inflation, the Great Recession, and Federal Reserve Policy

  • Track 1: Data: Is Bigger Really Better?

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    Lars Fehren-Schmitz, Assistant Professor of Anthropology

    Fehren-Schmitz is an assistance professor in anthropology. He is a palaeogeneticist with a research interest in human population history and human ecology.

    Title of talk: Paleogenetics and the Population History of South America 

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    Doug Bonnet, Director of the Center for Statistical Analysis in the Social Sciences, Professor of Psychology

    Bonett is a professor in psychology and director of the center for statistical analysis. His research interests include the development of statistical and psychometric methods used to answer social science questions.

    Title of talk: Combining and Comparing Results form Multiple Studies

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    Jon Robinson, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Program Director of Economics

    Robinson is an associate professor in economics. His research interests include development economics, program evaluation and applied microeconomics.

    Title of talk: Experiments to Explore Agricultural Investment Decisions Among Farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa 

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    Travis Seymour, Associate Professor of Psychology

    Seymour is an associate professor in cognitive psychology. His research involves theoretical and applied investigation of how individual differences in memory and cognitive control affect human performance.

    Title of talk: The Guilty Knowledge Test: Can We Control What We Recognize? 

  • Track 2: Environment: Climate, Animals, & Food

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    Debbie Letourneau, Professor of Environmental Studies

    Letourneau is a professor in environmental studies, with research interests in biodiversity, ecosystem services and environmental risk in the context of decision-making in managaed systems.

    Title of talk: What's a Bug Got to Do with It? Transforming Agriculture with Biodiversity

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    Ronnie Lipschutz, Professor & Chair of Politics

    Lipschutz is chair of the politics departments and provost of College Eight. His research interests include energy, environment, resources, global governance and biosurveillance.

    Title of talk: Governing Climate: Surveillance, Big Data and the Shaping of Behaviors & Practices that Generate CO2

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    Andrew Mathews, Associate Professor of Anthropology

    Mathews is an associate professor in anthropology. His research focuses on the culture of environmental institutions.

    Title of talk: Burning Questions: Climate Change and Forst Use in Italy and Mexico 

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    Jeff Bury, Associate Professor, Curriculum Chair of Environmental Studies and Faculty Co-Director, Center for Integrated Spatial Research (CISR)

    Bury is an associate professor of environmental studies. His research interests include extractive industries, political economy, and climate change in Latin America.

    Title of talk: Here There Be Dragons: The Icy Edge of Climate Change and Extractive Industries in the Andes

  • Track 3: Justice: Here, There, Them & Us

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    Eleonora Pasotti, Associate Professor of Politics

    Pasotti is an associate professor of politics. Her research interests include comparative urban politics, social movements, and public policy at the subnational level.

    Title of talk: Defending Neighborhoods in Aspiring Global Cities

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    Shelly Grabe, Assistant Professor of Psychology

    Grabe is an assistant professor in psychology. Her research looks at how to shift women's rights violations and social justice in the context of globalization.

    Title of talk: Global Women's Rights. Here, There, and Everywhere: It's Our Problem 

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    Phil Hammack, Associate Professor of Psychology

    Hammack is an associate professor of psychology. His research examines the psychological consequences of social injustice and strategies to promote social and political change that benefits disandvantaged groups.

    Title of talk: Can Talking Help? Dialogue, Social Justice, and Social Change

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    Hector Perla, Assistant Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies and Senior Research Fellow, Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA)

    Perla is an assisant professor of Latin American & Latino Studies. His research explores how central american revolutionaries, both in their home countries and in the US confronted US foreign policy during the 1980s.

    Title of talk: U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Central America and Its Impact and Implications