2015 Program & Speakers


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    ‚ÄčNatalia Lazzati

    ​Natalia Lazzati is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at UCSC. Her research interests are economic theory and econometrics, including experimental economics. She is currently working on providing microeconomic foundations for the empirical analysis of games.

    Title of Talk: Interactions in Economics: Bringing Together Theory and Applied Work

  • Track 1: Eat & Be Eaten: Environment and Food

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    Stacy Philpott

    Stacy Philpott is the Ruth and Alfred Heller Chair in Agroecology, Associate Professor in Environmental Studies, and Interim Executive Director of the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems. She is an agroecologist interested in community ecology, ecosystem services, urban agroecology, and interactions between agriculture, conservation, and farmer livelihoods.

    Title of Talk: Urban Gardens: Sources of Beans, Bees, and Benefits

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    Julie Guthman

    Julie Guthman is a geographer and professor of social sciences. Her research interests include food, agriculture, environmental health, and nutrition.

    Title of Talk: Wicked Problems for California’s Strawberry Industry

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    Chris Wilmers

    Chris Wilmers is an associate professor in Environmental Studies. His research focuses on the effects of global change on wildlife populations.

    Title of Talk: Fear and Predators: ­ How Predators Fear of Humans Shapes Their Behavior and our Ecosystems

  • Track 2: Social Justice: Kids, Countries, and Citizenship

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    Regina Langhout

    Regina Day Langhout is an Associate Professor in Psychology and the Provost of Oakes College.Her research examines empowerment, and the processes for disempowered groups to take more control over the psychological and material resources that affect their lives.

    Title of Talk: Children, Mural Making, and Participatory Action Research: How Children Made a Difference at their School

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    Melissa Caldwell

    Melissa L. Caldwell is Professor of Anthropology and Editor of Gastronomica: The Journal of Critical Food Studies. Her research examines everyday political life in Russia and the former Soviet Union, with particular attention to issues of social justice and inequality, material culture, and cultures of creativity.

    Title of Talk: Living Faithfully in an Unjust World: Practicing Kindness in Today's Russia

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    Catherine Ramírez

    Catherine Ramírez, Associate Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies and director of UCSC’s Chicano Latino Research Center, works on 20th­ century Mexican ­American history, histories of migration and assimilation, Latino literature, feminist theory, and comparative ethnic studies.

    Title of Talk: Assimilation and Non­citizenship