2014-2015 Undergraduate Division Award Winners

The Division of Social Sciences is pleased to announce the recipients of this year's Division of Social Sciences awards for undergraduate students. See below:

Chancellor's Award for Undergraduate Research
  • Natasha Colette Buck, Anthropology, "Debugging the Industry: An Ethnography of Exclusion in the Technology Workplace"
  • Charlotte Chiara Reed, ENVS, "Water Relations and Photosynthesis for Artemisia Tridentata across a Great Basin Desert-Sierra Nevada Elevation Gradient in the Historic Drought Year of 2014"
  • Sean Michael Stone, Psychology, "The Benefits of Saving on New Learning"
Deans' Award for Undergraduate Research
  • Markie Lauren Flores, Legal Studies, "Forced Youth Gay to Straight Conversion Therapy: A Form of Child Abuse"
  • Penelope Gillette, ENVS, "Changes in species richness, abundance and community composition of arboreal twig-nesting ants along an elevational gradient"
  • Marina Gonzalez Flores, LALS, "Resistance of Mayan Women Against Obstetric Violence"
  • Zoe Mackay, Politics, "Political Participation of Students in Istanbul: Revitalized Turkish Youth as Influential Political Actors"
  • August Masonheimer, Psychology, "Seductive Images in Lecture: Does Extending the Time Between Testing and Learning Still Produce The Seductive Details Effect?"
  • Mallika Palecanda, Politics, "Images in Humanitarianism: The UNHCR and Appeals Imagery"
  • Katherine Slocum, Anthropology, "The  Social, Economic and Political Impacts of Direct Trade Coffee Production in   Santa Barbara, Honduras"
Thanks to Assistant Dean Kyle Eischen, Christy Byrd (Psych), and Melanie Springer (Politics) for serving on the review committee.

Keeley Coastal Scholars
  • Erica Ferrer, Cowell, "The Effects of Ocean Acidification on Predator-Prey Interaction in Seagrass Systems"
  • Linda Pineda, College 8, "Climate impacts on upwelling, biological productivity, and rainfall in coastal Central Mexico over the last 2000 years"
Thanks to Daniel Press (ENVS), Tim Duane (ENVS), and Eric Palkovacs (PBSci-EEB) for serving on the review committee.

Gabriel Zimmerman Memorial Scholarships
  • Samantha House, Legal Studies & History
  • Elisabeth Parra, Community Studies & Biology
Thanks to Craig Reinarman (Sociology), Eva Bertram (Politics), Mary Beth Pudup (Community Studies), and Jonathan Klein, Alex Clemens, and Neal Zeavy for serving on the review committee.

Weiss Family Scholarship
  • Jessica Aguilar in recognition of her work with the Center for Labor Studies' Santa Cruz Low-Wage Worker Study
Walsh Family Scholarship
  • Amir Maltzman, Economics
All of these students were honored by the division at a by invitation only lunch on May 28 with their families and faculty mentors, and Northern California Board of Councilors members.