Keeley Coastal Scholars Award

Fred Keeley
Fred Keeley

The Keeley Coastal Scholars Award provides underrepresented undergraduate students at UC Santa Cruz the financial support they need to engage in summer research and policy work related to coastal sustainability. Students can be doing work in any area of terrestrial, aquatic, or marine systems along the coast.

This award is open to students in both the Social Sciences and Physical & Biological Sciences. Scholarships range from $1000 to $4000 per student with an associated $1000 in support of the sponsoring faculty member. These funds can be used by students for any expenses incurred during the summer months.

How to Apply:

Undergraduate majors are invited to apply by submitting an online application, a project budget, and an unofficial copy of their transcripts.

A call letter for applications for the Keeley Coastal Scholarship is sent each year to Divisional department chairs and undergraduate advisors in early spring. Candidates must be in good academic standing and have established financial need. The sponsoring faculty member must also submit a letter detailing the student’s abilities and specific project responsibilities. 

Research related to coastal topics in any department in Social Sciences and Physical & Biological Sciences will be considered. For examples and ideas, read about past award winners' projects.

About Fred Keeley:

Fred recently retired as Santa Cruz County Treasurer/Tax Collector. He represented the Monterey Bay area in the California State Assembly from 1996 through 2002, and earlier served as a Santa Cruz County supervisor. During his tenure in the state legislature he authored the Marine Life Management Act, which the Associated Press called the “most significant advancement in ocean policy in 50 years.” Keeley also authored the two largest park and environmental protection bonds in the state (and nation)’s history. He is a board member of Ocean Champions and Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Foundation.

Meet the 2021 Keeley Award Recipient! 


Alexis Hooper, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, College Nine, is the recipient of the 2021 Keeley Coastal Scholarship. This award will enable her to stay in Santa Cruz this summer and study the effects of climate change (specifically ocean acidification and hypoxia) on marine invertebrate species.






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