Call for Applications: The Gabriel Zimmerman Memorial Scholarship

About the Award

What: $2,500 scholarship
Who can apply:
UG majors in the social sciences (Anthropology, Economics, Education, Environmental Studies, Latin American & Latino Studies, Legal Studies, Politics, Psychology, and Sociology)
How to apply:
Submit a resume and short essay (2-3 pages maximum) to your UG Advisor about your passion for social issues and commitment to public service.
When to apply:
Check with your UG Advisor for your Department’s Deadline

Are you passionate about social justice?
Are you committed to making a difference?
Do you want to change the status quo?

The Division of Social Sciences wants to hear from UC Santa Cruz students who strive to make our campus and community a better place.

If you are trying to help society - whether it is through an internship or  volunteerism - the Division of Social Sciences encourages you to apply for the Gabriel Zimmerman Scholarship.

The Gabriel Zimmerman Scholarship is an award dedicated to students in the social sciences who aspire to be agents of change and promoters of social justice. We want to know how you care for others and the world around you, even in the subtlest of ways.

Even the smallest involvement can have a big impact.

Through awards like the Gabriel Zimmerman Scholarship, the Division of Social Sciences wants to give back to those that give. We care that YOU care.

Interested in applying?

Talk to your advisor about getting your application started.

About the award:

The Gabriel Zimmerman Memorial Scholarship provides financial support to a UCSC undergraduate student in the social sciences who is committed to public service.

The award was named after alumnus Gabriel “Gabe” Zimmerman (Stevenson, '02, sociology). He was working for Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords as her Director of Community Outreach when he was tragically shot and killed. Read more >

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