Message from the Dean

Sheldon Kamieniecki, Dean of the Division of Social Sciences

Chancellor George Blumenthal has called the Division of Social Sciences the heart and soul of UC Santa Cruz, and for good reason. The division is the largest academic unit on campus. It includes about 40 percent of undergraduate majors and nearly 25 percent of graduate students, and course enrollments are at an all-time high.

Across all disciplines in the Social Sciences, students see clear relevance and purpose. There is a strong commitment to environmental and social responsibility, and many students want to give back to society when they graduate. All our majors and programs provide this opportunity.

Since its inception, the Division of Social Sciences has sought to achieve the highest possible distinction for scholarship. Faculty members have extended the boundaries of knowledge in both traditional and new fields. Research is conducted through disciplinary as well as interdisciplinary lines of inquiry, with a major focus on the study of human relationships in society, as well as the disproportionate allocation of wealth and resources and its consequences.

UC Santa Cruz was established as a grand experiment in higher education. Although the campus has now grown, work by social sciences faculty and students incorporates many of the same basic values on which this trailblazing campus was founded.

Research and publications by our faculty question mainstream assumptions and are frequently cited in academic and media outlets. The division is still a place where risk taking is not only encouraged but is rewarded.

Now our goal is to make the Division of Social Sciences even better:

     • We want to enable more students to participate in our programs and attend our university, despite higher tuition costs.
     • We want to expand the groundbreaking research being conducted in each of our disciplines.
     • We want to enhance the positive impact that our students, faculty, and graduates are making in all corners of the globe.

We are working hard to accomplish these, but we cannot do it alone. You can help by making a donation to a department or program in the Social Sciences.

Your gift will truly make a difference.
—Sheldon Kamieniecki


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