2015-2016 award recipients announced

May 26, 2016

Congratulations to our 2016 awards recipients!
Chancellor’s Awards for Undergraduate Research:

Beverly Iniguez Conrique, Cowell College, Psychology
“Social Dominance Orientation’s Effects on Attitudes Towards Crime, Prisoners and Prison Reform”
Faculty Mentor - Kim Cardilla

Mireya Mateo, Oakes College, Latin American and Latino Studies
“Untold Delivery Stories: Zapotec Women's Birthing Experiences in the Central Valley of Oaxaca”
Faculty Mentors - Flora Lu and Pat Zavella

Antonio Peluso, Merrill College, Anthropology
“How Will the Kayapó be Dammed? The Impacts of Environmentalist Assumptions on a Kayapó Community in the Brazilian Amazon”
Faculty Mentors - Andrew Mathews and Flora Lu
Deans’ Award for Undergraduate Research:

Christopher Barnard, Porter College, Environmental Studies
“Effects on Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling Associated with Grazing by
Different Species in a Kansas Tallgrass Prairie”
Faculty Mentor - Weixin Cheng

Ean Brown, Stevenson College, Sociology
“32 Years After Orwellian “1984”: The Surveillance State and National Security”
Faculty Mentor - Hiroshi Fukurai

Alvaro Mendizabal, Oakes College, LALS and Politics
“Justice Jettisoned: The Culture of ‘National Security’ in Mexico”
Faculty Mentor - Adrian Felix

Adriana Murguia, Oakes College, Environmental Studies
“Seed Saving Strategies in San Ramon, Nicaragua”
Faculty Mentor - Stacy Philpott

Melissa Otero, Merrill College, Anthropology
“Modes of Resistance: Signs, Olives, and Fire”
Faculty Mentor - Anna Tsing

Cecilia Pena-Govea, Kresge College, Community Studies
“An Illustration of Converging Placekeeping Strategies in the Face of the Cultural and Economic Violence of “Columbusing” in San Francisco’s Mission District”
Faculty Mentor - Andrea Steiner

Nicholas Zinter, Porter College, Politics
“The Naypyidaw Rationale: Cultures of Power and Constructions of
Legitimacy in the Republic of Myanmar”
Faculty Mentor - Megan Thomas
Gabriel Zimmerman Memorial Scholar:
Katie Sweeney, Cowell College, Community Studies
Keeley Coastal Scholars:

Alec Apodaca, Merrill College, Anthropology
“An Eco-archaeological Approach to Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Shellfishing at Toms Point, Marin County, California”
Faculty Mentor - Tsim Schneider
Erica Sumner, Kresge College, Environmental Studies
“Exploring the Impacts of Sea Level Rise as a Community”
Faculty Mentor - Michael Loik
Walsh Family Scholar:

Raymond Lebeau, Stevenson College, Environmental Studies
Weiss Family Scholar:

Alma Villa, College Nine

Milam McGinty Kaun Award for Excellence in Teaching:

Jae Hoon Choi , Economics
Claudia Lopez, Sociology
21st Century DaVinci Scholars:

Rachelann Baltazar, Blair Brooks-Harmon, Adrian Carcione, Umit Ceylan, Lorena Aricela, De Anda Olvera, Caitlin Ealum, Rachel Finn, Stella Fronius, Diana Gateno, Sonja Goetsch-Avila, Alejandra Gonzalez-De Aro, Madeline Halluin, Claudia Haro, Dante Cade Harootunian, Steven Hernandez, Yuan Fen Jiang, Nicholas Kazden, Andrew Lee, Emma Lee, Cecilia Lin, Zachary Locke, Christina Louie, Vincent Lu, Vicky McDonald, Patrick Mueller, Ashanique Nelson, Mariamor Pazos, Morgan Pelot, Lauren Porter, Savion Ragster, Carly Ritter, Anna Serova, Sharon Shao, Ryan Sharp, Alexander Shenton, Rachel Smith, Alexander Smith, Haakon Williams