Division-wide Research Centers & Initiatives

    Research Centers

  • Center for Agroecology

    The Center for Agroecology is a research, education, and public service unit of the Division of Social Sciences, dedicated to furthering organic agriculture, ecological sustainability and social justice in the food and agriculture system.
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  • Center for Analytical Finance (CAFIN)

    CAFIN includes a group of researchers whose aim is to solve real-world problems of finance in a globalized financial system.
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  • Center for Integrated Spatial Research (CISR)

    CISR is focused on integrating advanced spatial technology, methods, and data (geographic information systems—GIS, global positioning systems—GPS, remote sensing, spatial modeling and statistics) with interdisciplinary research challenges in terrestrial, marine, and urban environments.
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  • Center for Labor and Community

    The Center for Labor and Community (formerly the Center for Labor Studies) is dedicated to the study of working people, the labor movement, and the challenge of the broader global economy as it impacts the people of California and beyond.
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  • Center for Statistical Analysis in Social Sciences (CSASS)

    CSASS provides statistical and methodological support to the research missions of all departments within the Division of Social Sciences by providing free statistical consulting and quantitative training workshops.
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  • Kenneth S. Norris Center for Natural History

    The Kenneth S. Norris Center for Natural History supports natural history educational and research opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and the greater Santa Cruz community.
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  • Dolores Huerta Research Center for the Americas (Huerta Center)

    The Huerta Center is a vibrant hub for Chicano, Latino, Latin American, and migration studies.
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  • Science and Justice Research Center

    The Science and Justice Research Center brings together faculty and graduate students from all five academic divisions on the UC Santa Cruz campus to address common problems collaboratively.
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  • Center for Economic Justice and Action

    The Center for Economic Justice and Action (CEJA) is committed to community-engaged research and programming that alleviates poverty, reduces economic inequality, and advances the essential needs of all people.
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  • Research Initiatives

  • Institute for Social Transformation

    The Institute for Social Transformation builds on the campus's progressive values and areas of existing strength, while simultaneously serving as an incubator for new ideas and an accelerator for pathbreaking scholarship in the public interest.
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  • Everett Program

    Everett’s goal is create a new generation of “info-savvy” advocates using information technology to overcome informational exclusion–based barriers to civic participation and social justice.
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