The New York Times features economics professor George Bulman

March 18, 2017

George Bulman was featured in The New York Times article, How Colleges Can Admit Better Students. The article discusses the problems when using cumulative high school grade point averages (GPA) and composite scores on the ACT to measure incoming college students’ success.

The piece references Bulman's recent paper in The Journal of Public Economics, study that found high school students with a higher GPA in their junior and senior years are more likely to succeed in college.

“An additional GPA point in 11th grade makes a student 16 percentage points more likely to graduate from college, whereas an additional GPA point in ninth grade makes a student only five percentage points more likely to graduate from college,” says Bulman. “Later high school GPA is approximately five times more predictive of whether a student drops out of college within two years, and two times more predictive of eventual labor market earnings.”

Bulman’s research interests include applied public and labor economics, and economics of education.