Economics professor Nirvikar Signh interviewed in Foreign Policy about immigration under a Trump adminstration

March 08, 2017

Economics Professor Nirvikar Singh, coauthor of the new book The Other One Percent: Indians in America (Oxford University Press, 2016), was featured in a Foreign Policy interview about immigration during the Trump era.

"American immigration policy is not just shaped by high-minded ideals, but by domestic politics and geopolitics," Singh says in the interview. "I think we’d all gotten used to post-1965 immigration policy, and this administration seems to want to question the fundamentals of that approach."

In addition to being a distinguished professor of economics, Singh is also the Sarbjit Singh Aurora Chair of Sikh and Punjabi Studies and director for the Center for Analytical Finance. His current research topics include entrepreneurship, information technology and development, political economy, Indian Americans, and the Indian economy.