2014-2015 Undergraduate Division Awards

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The Division of Social Sciences recognized the 2014-2015 undergraduate division award winners on May 28 at an invitation-only lunch for students and their families, faculty mentors, as well as our Northern California Board of Councilors members.

View the complete list of our 2014-2015 Undergraduate Division Award Winners. Congratulations to our hard-working students! Photos by Melissa De Witte.

  • Photo: Group Shot
  • Photo: Group photo
  • Photo: Amir Maltzman
  • Photo: 2014-2015 undergraduate division award winners
  • Photo: 2014-2015 undergraduate division award winners
  • Photo: August Masonheimer
  • Photo:Charlotte Chiara Reed
  • Chancellor's Award: Charlotte Chiara Reed, ENVS, "Water Relations and Photosynthesis for Artemisia Tridentata across a Great Basin Desert-Sierra Nevada Elevation Gradient in the Historic Drought Year of 2014"
  • Photo: Charlotte Reed
  • Photo: Elisabeth Parra
  • Photo: Erica Ferrer
  • Photo: Fred Keeley
  • Photo: Jessica Aguilar
  • Photo: Karie Slocum
  • Photo: Katie Slocum and Megan Moody
  • Katie Slocum and guests
  • Photo: Katie with her family
  • Photo: Linda Pineda
  • Photo: Mallika Palecanda
  • Photo: Marina Gonzalez Flores
  • Photo: Markie Lauren Flores
  • Photo: Natasha Colette Buck
  • Photo: Samantha House
  • Photo: Sean Michael Stone
  • Photo: Zoe Mackay
  • Photo: Sean Michael Stone
  • Photo: Amir Maltzman, Economics
  • Photo:  Jessica Aguilar
  • Photo: Samantha House