Collective Museum Farm Tour

Collective Museum was an innovative exhibition spread across the UC Santa Cruz campus. Collective Museum was created by the Portland-based art group, Public Doors and Windows (PDW) for the UCSC Institute of the Arts and Sciences (IAS). It spans the university’s 2001 acres and, as the artists explain, transforms the university into “one of the largest museums in the world.”

Some of the exhibition was located at the UCSC Farm & Garden. Here are photos from a walking tour lead by curators and artists.

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Photos below by Melissa De Witte, Division of Social Sciences

  • Cat Ramirez site 1
  • cat ramirez site 2
  • farm tour
  • cabin in flower field
  • farm field
  • harrell fletcher lawson
  • harrel fletcher sneed
  • john
  • house
  • mad farmer mitch
  • mother and daughter
  • mother and daughter
  • poppy flowers in a vase
  • signs
  • succulents
  • rachel tour
  • touring the field