Joe Palca wins 2012 Distinguished Social Sciences Alumni Award


Joe Palca

UCSC psychology Ph.D., 1982, Joe Palca, enhances scientific literacy. Selected as winner of the 2012 Distinguished Social Sciences Alumni Award for his ability to bring “high-level but comprehensible science to millions” of people (from B. Bridgeman nomination), National Public Radio science correspondent Joe Palca uses his scientific knowledge and journalistic skill to advise, advocate, and educate. His on-going accomplishments and multiple honors and accolades, coupled with his commitment and “passion for maintaining and enhancing scientific literacy for Americans with curiosity but little scientific background” (from B. Bridgeman nomination) have made a lasting impact on his field, his community and beyond. If you are a regular listener of NPR, you are no doubt familiar with Palca's work.Palca has made outstanding contributions to society, and we are proud to claim him as a UCSC Social Sciences alumnus.The Distinguished Social Sciences Alumni Award is presented annually to graduates of the Social Sciences Division whose careers are characterized by their sustained and exemplary contributions to society through research, practice, education, policy, or service. Winners bring enduring honor to their alma mater as practitioners and as citizens.Palca was honored and publicly recognized at a reception on April 26, 2012 at 4 pm.

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