Dr. Midori Arima Scholarship

The Anthropology Department is pleased to offer the Dr. Midori Arima Scholarship in Anthropology. Dr. Arima commenced higher education in California in community college, later transferring to UC Santa Cruz, where she discovered her love of anthropology in a course on Native North America taught by Professor Triloki Nath Pandey. A non-traditionally aged student with children, Arima went on to conduct field research in Japan, eventually earning her Ph.D. in Anthropology from Stanford University while in her mid-sixties. Her dissertation was entitled “An Ethnographic and Historical Study of Ogasawara/The Bonin Islands, Japan.” 

To honor Dr. Arima’s remarkable legacy, this scholarship is open to both undergraduate and graduate students in anthropology and is intended to assist those who are completing their studies despite significant obstacles. Strong preference will be given to non-traditional students and/or student parents. Applicants may request funds for any purpose related to the completion of their intended degree, from helping to support a research project to helping cover the cost of child care, computer equipment, other books & supplies, student fees, etc. 

Applicants must be in good academic standing. Undergraduate applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the major. 

See Undergraduate Awards website or contact the Anthropology Undergraduate Advisor, Molly Segale

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