The Hammett Awards

In 2007, Benjamin and Ruth Hammett partnered with UC Santa Cruz to establish the Hammett Awards within the Department of Environmental Studies. Both Benjamin and Ruth, residents of Palo Alto, California, care deeply about the environment and the changes they see happening to the Earth’s climate. They have provided these awards annually to support between 8 – 12 field studies by graduate and/or undergraduate students in any major who are focusing their research on climate change or climate change and water issues. The award is meant to support the travel, supplies, and/or stipends that relate to each student project. This is a merit-based award administered within the Department of Environmental Studies. To date, more than 40 students have received support for their field studies from Mr. and Mrs. Hammett.

For more information please call or email the Environmental Studies Department (831) 459-2634 or email, or visit the department’s website.

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