Call for Applications: Milam-McGinty-Kaun Award for Teaching Excellence

About the Award

What: Two awards of up to $1500 are available to award in 2020.
Who can apply:
 There are two graduate recipients each year, one from the Economics Department and one from another department in the Division of Social Sciences. 
How to apply:
Check with your graduate advisor.
When to apply:
Check with your graduate advisor for your Department’s deadline.

Are you a graduate student devoted to teaching?

Consider applying for the Milam-McGinty-Kaun Award for Teaching Excellence. Two graduate students, one from the Economics department and the other from a chosen Division of Social Sciences department that rotates yearly, will each be recognized and awarded.

Interested in applying?

Talk to your advisor about getting your application started.

About the award:

David Kaun, a professor of economics at UC Santa Cruz, has been a devoted and generous donor to UC Santa Cruz since 1966. A recipient of student support during his graduate work at Stanford University, he was inspired to endow a graduate student award after working with two talented teaching assistants in the fall of 1999. The award, which was established to recognize outstanding teaching by graduate students, is named after its first recipients, Garrett Milam and Matt McGinty, graduates of the UC Santa Cruz program in international economics. Milam and McGinty were teaching assistants in Kaun's Intermediate Microeconomic Theory course, which had an enrollment of about 120 undergraduates.

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