In Their Words: Yeun Byun

yeun-byun-deans.jpgName: Yeun Byun

College: Rachel Carson

Department: Environmental Studies

What Award/Scholarship did you receive? 2018-2019 Deans’ Undergraduate award

What year do you expect to graduate? Graduated Fall 2018

Where do you call home? Santa Cruz, CA

With all of the choices for college, what made UC Santa Cruz stand out? The environmental studies program hosts many opportunities for students to gain hands on learning experience on the UCSC campus farm and Chadwick Garden. I was searching for a college experience that surrounded me with sustainable farming and gardening models along with peers and mentors to help foster a deeper relationship with our food systems and the local community.

What is your field of focus? In the environmental studies department, I was able to have a multidisciplinary approach by studying a wide range of topics including environmental economics, agroecology, farming systems, and policy implementation and design.

What do you hope to do once you graduate from UC Santa Cruz? I hope to continue to grow my current business teaching classes and workshops on soap-making, value-added botanical products, and floral design. In addition, I am partnering with local farms to grow flowers and helping to implement sustainable business models with the flowers that are grown.

What is one memorable moment that stands out for you as a student here? The first time I ever set foot in the Chadwick Garden I knew I belonged here. Like a budding flower I was excited to be planted in such a beautiful campus environment to grow my passion for farming and horticulture.

What is your one piece of advice for incoming students about life at UC Santa Cruz? As a transfer student, the two years flew by for me! It was a short time, but staying active and involved with my classes, professor, and peers has helped me clarify my passion and future goals. These connections I have made I will cherish for the rest of my lifetime. My advice is to savor every moment of it.

How will this scholarship impact your academic life/research? These scholarship funds will go towards taking the GRE and my applications for graduate school.

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