Getting Started

Research Assistance and Grant Opportunities

Sign up for your department’s grant-writing class. 

Start by asking yourself some basic questions:

            Do I need additional supervised research training?

            Do I want to do research supervised by a mentor?

            Do I want to undertake independent research?

If you are unsure of the answers to these questions, you might talk to colleagues in your field or at a similar level of career development.

Find grant opportunities

You also can learn a great deal by searching funding-source databases, such as those listed in the search databases area of this website. Each funding source will have different submission deadlines and criteria.

There are numerous ways to find grant opportunities:
  • Contact Ashlee Tews, Director of Research Development in the Division of Social Sciences or Orlena
    Yee, Grants Assistant in the Division of Social
  • The Social Sciences Development office has compiled a cursory list of graduate student fellowships and scholarships. You can click on the department fellowships/scholarships link that applies to you and search through the list of fellowships and scholarships that have been researched. Contact the funder to make sure the deadlines are still applicable. 

Community Studies 
Environmental Studies 
General Social Sciences 
Latin American and Latino Studies 

Apply for grants

After you have found a grant you want to apply for, find a recent copy of a successful grant proposal that is the same kind of RFP you are writing, written for the same funder. You can find this information on the funder’s web site or call the program officer for that RFP. You can then use the successful grant proposal as a model for the grant you will be writing.